V-Day effect: KIA flies out 5.2 m rose stems

Ahead of Valentines Day, a record 5.2 million rose stems were exported from the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) here to 25 countries worldwide. The export figures showed a whopping 325 metric tonnes of rose stems flying off to international destinations from the countrys third busiest airport. Compared to the 293 metric tonnes exported in the same period last year, this is a substantial jump.

Data released by the Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) on Wednesday showed that the roses were exported to 36 destinations in 25 countries. Only exports between February 1 and 14 were considered. The roses were headed to Malaysia, Kuwait, Singapore, Japan, the US, Lebanon, South Korea, Australia, UAE, UK, Qatar, Jordan, Denmark, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Oman, France, Indonesia, Belgium, Bahrain, Netherlands, New Zealand, Azerbaijan and Greece.

Last year, 4.7 million rose stems were exported in the same period to 19 destinations in 15 countries. BIAL managing director and CEO Hari Marar said: "While this has much to do with the quality of roses grown in the region, we believe that the increase in destinations is also due to our consistent focus on efficient handling and establishing KIA as the singular gateway for cargo traffic." The airport currently has seven dedicated freighter aircraft bays and facilities to handle a wide range of goods, including rose stems.

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