Six precedents where alliance was called to form govt: Abhishek Manu Singhvi in Supreme Court

The Congress-JD(S) combine on Thursday referred to six past precedents to buttress its argument in the Supreme Court on the Karnataka crisis that coalitions commanding majority have been given the opportunity to form government in the past. A special bench of three-judges headed by Justice A K Sikri was told by the senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi that deliberate delay in inviting the leader of Congress-JD(S) combine to form government in Karnataka amounted to subverting democracy.

Singhvi referred to five instances, the latest one being in February this year in Meghalaya. In Meghalaya assembly polls, the single largest party Congress had 21 seats but the alliance which was invited to form government by the Governor was a combination of National Peoples Party-UDP-PDF-HSDP-BJP having 37 seats in total. “In 2017, in Manipur assembly election, the Congress party got 28 seats but the party or alliance which was invited to form the government by the governor was BJP with support from Naga Peoples Front”, he said.

The third incident he cited was of Goa assembly election in which Congress got 17 seats but the alliance, which was called to form the government was BJP with support from Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party and others which had a total of 22 seats. Similarly, Singhvi referred to the 2013 assembly polls in Delhi, where BJP despite having 31 seats in the 70-member House w...

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