Phantom Films, All India Bakchod and #MeToo in India: The rise and fall of the ‘edgelords’

Sometimes you have to pause at the sheer perfection of a neologism. I saw the word "edgelords" used a couple times to describe a few of the many, many men in media accused of sexual harassment over the last few days. This new deluge of ‘outing’ follows LOSHA, the powerful list compiled by US based law student Raya Sarkar, that outed dozens of harassers in academia in late 2017 and the shorter streak of naming and shaming (also of men in media) in early 2017.

The word 'edgelords' in this particular context has been directed at men in comedy and entertainment who have historically wanted to be cooler than thou and now are making crab like motions to also be holier than thou.

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