MTV Troll Police- No Troll is Safe: Fine line between voicing an opinion versus crushing a morale is visited and taken to task by Rannvijay Singh

Troll Police – the much talked about show goes on air tonight on MTV. This is as Rannvijay Singh -youth icon and the host of the show states – one of its kind show. Equipped with a cyber team and some expert investigators the show aims at getting back to the variety of trolls also in the process educate the youth and internet users of all kinds the difference between the use and the misuse of internet anonymity as well as the power.

Ferzad Palia Viacom head observes how a comment can end up destroying the self esteem of a person. This as per him is a simple effort at giving out a message that trolling can come with its consequences for the troll as well. There is indeed a very fine line between having an opinion and imposing it. In India especially today we find a whole lot of increase in the latter lot what with the kind of exposure and freedom the internet has given to anybody and everybody with an added benefit of anonymity.

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