Modi's attempt to hit at the base & cut the support line of the extremists

Prime Minister Narendra Modi lobbed a “powerful weapon” against the Left Wing Extremism (LWE) with an overt signal to create a rift and revolt between the villagers and the rebels in Chhattisgarh’s red zone.

The support of villagers has been the backbone of Naxal movement in any part of the country. Today during his visit to Bijapur - country’s worst Naxal-infested district in Chhattisgarh’s Bastar region, PM Modi made an attempt to hit at the base and cut the support line of the extremists.

“You need not have to take up the arms,” Modi exhorted in the Naxal bastion. Just think who are the leaders spearheading the movement in the region, the Prime Minister addressed to the parents whose children had joined the outlawed.

No leader (among Naxal outfit active in Bastar) was from them, not a single from the area and no one was born here, he said. “Just see their names and surnames, you will get to understand they come from outside and use the innocent people,” Modi said.

The top leaders had taken shelter in the forests and secured themselves while pushing the youths to face the security personnel and die, he said. Why are they giving rights to them (Naxalites) to kill their children, Modi fumed and asked villagers would they spoil their children for the rebels?

“We need to trudge down the road marked for the development and ensure better education and health facilities,” he adde...

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