Mike Pompeo has 2 months to fix what got his predecessor fired: Iran deal

Rex Tillerson argued that the Iran nuclear deal isn’t broken, one reason he just got fired. His successor has less than two months to fix it. CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, agrees with his boss’s conviction that the 2015 accord is a disaster. The question is whether that stance makes him more or less likely to win some international backing for America’s campaign to rewrite the deal.

Tillerson’s efforts in that direction yielded few results -- and if there’s no progress by May 12, the president has threatened a unilateral withdrawal. “The Trump administration with Pompeo at the State Department has to mobilize the international community against Iran,” said Alex Vatanka, a senior fellow at the Middle East Institute in Washington. “There is absolutely zero sign that is happening.” The agreement that reins in Iran’s nuclear program in return for sanctions relief was a global effort, backed by all the world’s major powers from the European Union to Russia and China.

Its breakdown as a result of U. S. withdrawal could add to tensions in the Middle East, where Iran and the U. S. are on opposite sides of civil wars in Syria and Yemen, and further strain the Trump administration’s ties with America’s traditional allies in Europe. Tillerson certainly wasn’t a cheerleader for the nuclear accord, and he sought to win backing for new sanctions ...

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