Mahesh Bhatt On Vinta Nanda's Account Of Rape: 'I Am Quite Devastated'

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who is a friend of writer-producer Vinta Nanda, in an interview to news agency IANS, said that he is "quite devastated" to learn about her harrowing account of being raped and violated 19 years ago. "She is a friend. I am quite devastated. We have sat down and she has spoken about her personal issues, financial issues and her relationship problems and never brought this out.

What was it that was keeping her (from talking about it)," IANS quoted Mahesh Bhatt as saying. Vinta Nanda's heart wrenching post on Facebook revealed shocking details of her being violated. Though she did not reveal the name of her harasser in the post, her description of him as a lead actor on 90s TV show Tara and her use of the term 'sanskaari' was identification enough that Alok Nath is the alleged rapist.

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