It's for MJ Akbar to speak on #MeToo row: Smriti Irani

Even as the Opposition continues to demand the resignation of MJ Akbar from council of ministers, Union Minister Smriti Irani on Thursday said justice should be given to the "ladies who are speaking out". She declined to comment directly on the allegations of sexual harassment.

Parrying questions about whether the junior foreign minister would be asked to exit, she said the minister would be "in a better position to speak" on the allegations.

"I think the gentleman concerned would be in a better position to speak. I appreciate that the media is accosting his female colleagues, but I think that it is for the gentleman concerned to issue a statement, not for me as I was not present there," said the Union Textile Minister. She, however, came out in support of the #MeToo campaign, where women have shared their stories of harassment.

"My only appeal is that anybody who is speaking out should in no way be shamed, victimised or mocked," she stressed.

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