Gujarat: Dalit boy beaten up for showing ‘Darbar-like etiquette’ in Becharaji town

Gujarat: Dalit boy beaten up for showing ‘Darbar-like etiquette’ in Becharaji town

In yet another incident of atrocity against Dalits, a 13-year-old boy from Vithalapur village of Ahmedabad district was badly beaten up by a group of upper caste Darbar community boys in neighbouring Becharaji town of Mehsana district for his ‘etiquette’ like wearing Rajwadi Mojari and thick gold chain Wednesday. The accused boys had made two videos of their act on mobile phones and published it on social media following which the incident came to light.

The victim has been identified as Mahesh Rathod, a resident of Vithalapur village of Ahmedabad district. Mahesh’s family belongs to Valmiki community, the most backward among Dalits, and they earn their livelihood by playing ‘dhol (drum)’ in the village and surrounding areas.

In the two videos, which have gone viral on social media, the Darbar boys are seen slapping and kicking Mahesh for ‘being’ a Darbar. In one video, shot on a roadside, the upper caste boys are seen beating Mahesh briefly and then one of them asks the other to take the victim to some secluded place.

In the second video, the accused boys are seen with Mahesh at some secluded place with babool plants in the background. Throughout the video, the victim is seen in apologetic gestures with folded hands with the accused asking him to seek pardon reportedly for ‘attempting to look like Darbar’.

One of the accused even lifted Mahesh and threw him on the ground. W...

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