Congress dubs govt 'economic terrorist'

With petrol and diesel prices skyrocketing, the Congress dubbed the Modi government as "economic terrorist" for keeping the prices of petroleum products high when crude oil rates were on a record decline.Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari recalled that the BJP had described the then UPA government as "economic terrorist" when it had increased petrol prices in 2008 after holding it steady for four years."Don't they (BJP) qualify better for the label 'economic terrorists' which they had used against us in 2008 when we had increased the price of petrol and diesel after crude oil prices were going through the roof," Tewari said.Petrol prices have increased by Rs 7.32 to reach Rs 70.38 a litre in Delhi, the highest since August 2014, diesel rates have risen by Rs 5.36 to Rs 58.72.

Since June 16, the Centre has started revising prices of petrol and diesel on a daily basis depending on the crude rates in the international markets.

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