Are Dalits sinners, asks Kharge

"BJP leaders are constantly publicising that they ate, slept, stayed at dalits houses. Does that mean Dalits are sinners?" asked MP Mallikarjuna Kharge on Wednesday. He was speaking to reporters here. "Though I was born in a slum, I have risen to this position. "BJP leaders speak as though eating in a Dalits house is an achievement. Do Dalits feed them poison? They eat what all others eat and serve the same to BJP people.

Dalit blood is red too," Kharge said. It is the BJP and RSS which consider Dalits as untouchables. It is because of casteism and those who support it that Dalits still suffer, Kharge said. Kharge said state BJP president B S Yedyurappas charge that AICC president Rahul Gandhi ate chicken before visiting a temple was far from the truth.

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