A 3.5 Lakh Ring From Nirav Modi Firm Led To Yogendra Yadav Family Raids

Tax raids at the hospitals and homes of Yogendra Yadav's sisters in Haryana ended after 27 hours today with the Income Tax department linking the searches to a larger investigation against fugitive jeweler Nirav Modi.

Officials of the Income Tax department claim they were sifting through crores in sales by Nirav Modi and found that Yogendra Yadav's nephew had bought jewellery worth about Rs 6 lakh - more than half of it paid in cash.

Tax officials claim to have seized during the raids Rs 29 lakh and evidence of tax evasion in the form of cash receipts of hospital transactions.

The family said in a statement to NDTV: "We cannot judge why the raids happened. Our only connection with Nirav Modi is that a ring worth Rs 3.5 lakh was bought from a Nirav Modi jewellery showroom in Delhi in February 2017. All the money and assets involved came from our taxable income".

Nirav Modi is wanted in India for a massive loan fraud worth Rs 13,000 crore.

Yogendra Yadav, who set up the Swaraj Abhiyan outfit after his bitter exit from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in 2015, alleged in tweets that the raids were a form of intimidation by the government because of his campaign in support of farmers.

"This raid has been conducted just two days ahead of the meeting for campaign for higher Minimum Support Price by Farmers organisations on 13 and 14 July. The more they try to threaten us, the more our vo...

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